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Identifying the Type of Website Your Business Needs

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

If you have a business, a product, or a cause you are promoting, a website is a marketing requisite. Not all websites are created equal, however, and efficient sites utilize the proper framework built with results in mind.

A thoughtfully-designed website inline with brand design standards and appealing to your demo is just a small part of this metric. Assessing the type of site you actually need is the first step to delivering on your goal. There many different types of sites:

These types serve very different purposes and choosing the wrong one can confuse your users and ultimately deter engagement and reduce ROI.

Check out our next posts where we'll break down some of these websites and offer insight on when and why to use each type. If your website isn't performing optimally or if you need help building or redesigning a website, contact us today!

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