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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Do you ever notice how people tend to overcomplicate things? In marketing there is this misnomer that the more objectives you identify in a goal, the more intelligent or comprehensive you will seem. But, narrowing down the fluff to the mission-critical details is a true value-add. And, we've found that simplicity guarantees the greatest level of success.

That's just what we did with CN Prestige. Simple, swift and sweet.

Current worked with CN Prestige on a website redesign and assisted in hosting transfer. In their 9th year of business, CN Prestige was comfortable with their steady flow and the implementation of new marketing strategies was not a focus. Their needs were simply to bring their website current - make it easier to navigate, deliver information concisely, showcase their work and optimize for mobile.

CN Prestige Old Website - It Needed Help!

Current took a very outdated and unoptimized site and rebuilt it with streamlined goals in mind. Through an improved aesthetic, we delivered a new information-based site that highlights their three points of service. With simple calls-to-action and contact forms, we enhanced their customer’s ability to connect with them digitally.

With limited time and budget, Current designed and developed a fresh new website. We set-up analytics and basic SEO, added SSL, connected social outlets, and transferred hosting, domain and email services. Current handled all of this without any disruption to the CN Prestige team….in less than a week!

Here, the added value was elimination. By minimizing the bells and whistles and maximizing our clients' time and budget, their brand is making just the right kind of waves. 🌊

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