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Website Types: The Versatility of Core Page Websites

Did you know 80% of your web traffic views only 20% of your website? Enter Core Page sites, our favorite and most versatile type of website.

This type of website is perfect for:

  • Brand or product repositioning

  • Start-ups with no historical data on buyer personas

  • Downsizing sites to the most critical path to conversion

  • Gauging user journeys

  • Interim pages for deep multi-page sites with a long build cycle

These sites are usually only 2-4 pages and and built with a framework that is expandable. The information buckets for users are often identified, but not fully developed. In the case shown, our customer needed a rapid fix to a failed website launch with another firm. They needed the site yesterday, and the reality was the build time didn't fit the timeline. A core page site was the economical and timely solution, and we built a site where 80% of their traffic would find the info valuable.

When paired with analytics, core page sites help determine where you user travels delivering valuable content direction to a more robust site. This means higher organic rankings, which means less paid efforts to return your site high in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Translation = money saved!!

Want to get started on your core page site, or need to audit your current site for improvements? Contact us today.

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