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dynamic ideas to put your business in motion.

we generate a current that fits your BRAND goals.

We work with our clients to provide a clear path to achieving their desired level of success. Whether it’s building a brand from the ground up, piece-meal graphic deliverables for a brand that’s cruising comfortably, or repositioning an established brand to generate more motion, we partner intimately with you to tailor a solution that fits your organization.


We provide economical solutions completely customizable for what you need, maximizing the use of your marketing budget. Being a boutique creative agency means we only pitch what is smart for your goals, and you don’t have to keep a retainer with us to do it. An SEO strategist will always tell you paid search is the answer; a web designer will always say you need a better site. But, what truly makes waves is a smart plan that’s swimmable in each unique situation. We don’t just do good work; we make sure it’s right.


Brand strategy requires a thorough examination of your goals to build an authentic and emotional connection between what you and your customers, partners, and employees. Understanding your audience -  their wants, needs, and desires - are mission-critical details to the big picture of your brand's success and we work passionately to identify them.


Each of our clients is on a slightly different swell. At CURRENT, we customize each brand strategy to make a wave that's right for you.


Strategy Planning

Product/ Brand Positioning

Competitive and Market Research

Buyer Persona Development

Customer Journey Mapping

Logo Design and Identity Development

Brainstorming Brand


Brands are successful when they deliver an experience and tell a good story - one that engages an emotional response. These narratives, through words and images, create relatable vibes that build trust and loyalty. 


At CURRENT, we intentionally immerse ourselves into your history and vision to find those connections with your audience. Brands that have ripple effects seek to teach, not sell. When you offer insightful value through your brand,  ambassadorship comes naturally.

Branded Copy for Multiple Channels

Content Development

Blog Posts


Technical or Proposal Writing

Advertising Campaigns

Corporate Communications

Message Bottle Shore


At CURRENT, we know that graphics go beyond making your brand look pretty. Effective design connects you to a brand in the way it was intended, subconsciously creating mutuality, or contention. Color, spatial relationships, emphasis and balance subliminally create emotional responses to everything we see, especially design.

As award-winning creatives, we know how to communicate your vision through stimulating and thoughtful design inline with your brand.

Website Design

Print Collateral


Signage and Large Format

Trade Show Graphics

Landing Pages

Advertising Campaigns

Packaging and Label Design



Sustainable growth begins with a well-thought-out plan. One with action, one that is executable, one that generates results. Big ideas are just thoughts if we don't put them into motion. 


Today's marketing methodologies are fragmented into so many channels. At CURRENT, we help you navigate these technologies to determine which ones are the smart approach to drive your growth. We confidently deliver the right strategy balanced with best practices, analytics, and data.


Content Marketing Strategy and Production

Media Channel Strategy and Buy

Campaign Management

Social Media

Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing


Product Promotion

Digital Audit

Business Diagram

ripple effect.

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