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Website Types: Landing Page or Splash Page?

Landing pages and splash pages are the two website types clients confuse the most. Though they do have similarities, the intent is quite different. Read on to find out the difference and the appropriate use for each of these websites.

Splash Page
Splash Page with Email Capture

Splash Page Typically a flat, non-scrolling, single page website with no navigation. It serves as a temporary "place-holder" while the full website is being built or the product/service comes to market. Splash pages are meant to pique interest, generate brand awareness, queue search engines to get a head start on data collection, and gather IQLs (information qualified leads). Content is minimal - sometimes only saying "coming soon" - and contact information is limited to a phone number, email address, or short form.

Landing Page
Landing Page with Pop-up Data Capture

Landing Page A destination URL directly related to a specific campaign or metric. A destination url is hidden from search results and only accessible through brand-defined journeys, like digital or print advertisement. Like a splash page, it does not typically have navigation (or minimal), and also single-page. This type of website has a clearly defined user journey with targeted copy, prominent call-to-action, and geared towards highly-qualified sales leads. Where do you see these the most? A Google or social media ad often leads to landing pages. The brand typically wants you only to see certain content, a specific product/service that keeps the buyer on path, and ultimately results in a deal or conversion, ultimately quantifying ROI.

Splash pages and landing pages are often used by non-professionals interchangeably, but they are vastly different tools. We build attention grabbing splash pages and revenue-generating landing pages. Get in touch with us today to build yours today!

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